OMG Mary Lou!

If I had known 2 and a half years ago when we moved here how much of a difference your light tubes would have improved my living space I would have had it done the day after the closing! Doctors should be prescribing your light tubes instead of antidepressants! They are the best money I have spent on this house, no comparison! William was awesome, wonderfully pleasant and respectful of our possessions. It’s obvious why you have had him in your employ for so long.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I love you, William and your light tubes and I believe I can say I love this house now, no more dark dungeon! I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.
C. Pratte

Mary Lou,

WOW!!! It is amazing! Even when I got home late afternoon the day it was installed it was such a dramatic difference in the kitchen!! Today is the first day I have been home at 11:00am and I can’t believe how bright the kitchen is. No more going straight to the light switch as soon as I walk into the room! I wish I would have done this years ago!

William was great! My parents really enjoyed both William and his son. They were very professional, and didn’t even leave a speck of dust behind!

Mark was also wonderful. To be honest I had set up a few contractors to come out and give free estimates, however the others never showed up that afternoon. After meeting Mark we called them back and told them not to bother to come out! We appreciated the small business that has been in operation for over 30 years! The personal touches and your obvious dedication to customer service are unparalleled! It wasn’t even worth trying to get multiple estimates. You guys were our obvious choice purely based on customer service!!!

Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending you guys if I ever hear of anyone else who is interested in a Sun Tunnel. I have a feeling once my friends start coming over to the house and see it, there will be some interest!!!

Thanks again!

Mary Lou the skylights are great. I wish I had put them in 18 years when we had the house built. The guy’s were here when they said they would be and had them installed in about two hours. They did a great job and we are very happy with the work. For once, I can walk around the house without the lights on even thou I still try to turn them off when leaving a room. Thank very much for the great product and service.

Charles & Pat Hooks
Amelia Island, Fl

Hi Mary Lou,

This was our second installation by your company and we are equally pleased with the results. The turn-a-round time from the contract to installation was great. The installation went smoothly and quickly. We love the natural light now illuminating our kitchen. It is such a pleasure dealing with professionals!

Thank you,
Marilyn Costanzo

Hi Mary Lou,

I wanted to wait until the week-end and see the skylights during the day…….What a difference they make even on an overcast day! We are very pleased with the improvement in the lighting to the room and with the qua;ity of the work.

Max was on time (even abit early) and did a very professional job in explaining placement, making sure I was good with the locations and the end result. I will put a review on google but wanted to thank you and Mark for your expertise.

Kathy Reed

Love, love, love them! Couldn’t be
happier – everyone we dealt with was professional and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. I will gladly do a review. We will plan to stop by and see you at the Home and Patio show

Good morning, Mary Lou,

I tried the Google review but it would not accept my password.

We were so please with our first sky light installation some 30 years ago in another home that there was no reason to not come back to a tried and proven installer: Nature Vue. The two Velux Sun Tunnel skylights you recently installed provide the light we were looking for and that you said they would. Your installer, William and his assistant, were as good as they get: being on time, neat, interested in protecting our home and very courteous. This installation was a very worthwhile expense.

Doug & Jacquie

Hello Mary Lou,
Just wanted to tell you that I am pleased with my nature vue skylights. It is so bright in the living room and the kitchen. We want to go and turn the lights off all the time. haha. I can’t believe we went 12 years without any sunlight in our L.R. and kitchen.
Thank you so much,

God Bless you and your company,
Mary J. and Jack Lee

William was professional and thorough. He and his helper were fast, meticulous and explained what they were going to do. They are both keepers. I have no complaints, and since I’m familiar with this particular skylight, I am so happy with the natural light source. Should have gotten them years ago. I am showing the “views” to the neighbors which may equate to more business for you. Thank you so much!!! Kathy

Patrick replaced my old plastic skylights today with Velux glass. He was on time, in fact he was earlier than the time window I was given. Did a very professional installation, cleaned up, and checked the shingles on my roof and did a minor repair. Nature Vue is the best, and I will recommend them to friends. I couldn’t see where to leave a review on Google, but I will leave a good one on Angie’s List. Thanks so much – I can’t wait for it to rain!!